Day-to-day life

Many articles to help you make the most of Boston and its region

  • Au pair
  • Psychological help
  • Washing machine
  • Holidays
  • Practicing your religion
  • The New England seasons are Real Seasons!
  • Culinary specialties
  • Being parents in the USA
  • Post office
  • Where to find good quality shoes for children?
  • US Customs (tips, ...)
  • Transportation (Bus, T, Taxi, Uber)
  • Measuring systems
  • Find products for everyday life
  • UMs travel (unaccompanied children)
  • What can you order from France?
  • List of FB groups
  • Have an animal in the USA (take him / adopt him here)
  • Must have apps
  • How to watch French TV shows
  • US political system
  • US history
  • Universities in the USA (admissions, misconceptions etc.)
  • Why does organic have such an important place in the USA?
  • Maintain - learn French - exams that can be passed
  • Where to find French products for everyday life?

List of articles to prepare the departure

List of articles regarding your arrival in Boston

List of articles regarding hobbies in New England