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Before leaving

What do I need to do before leaving?

Visa, plane ticket, cancelling utilities,... as soon as your mind is made up, it all goes very fast.

These articles will help you calmly prepare for your departure.

Articles related to the departure

Upon arriving

What do to when you arrive

It's the big rush!  Housing, schools, cars, Social Security, etc. The first few weeks can be exciting, but they are often tiring and stressful.These articles will give you all the information you needed.

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Day-to-day life

And after ?

That's it! You're settled! And yet, you are not at home! Where to find a specific product? You still don't have a family a doctor, etc. All these topics are detailed on our dedicated website.

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What about the weekends?

Looking for a restaurant? Where to ski? Which movie theater? Discover the US? There is so much to see in New England!

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